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“ You can’t see the picture when you’re in the frame” - Mary Morrissey



Three Ways

There are three ways you can work with Karl

Business Made Simple.

Flight School Mastermind.

A cohort-based program of business owners who want to install an effective, simple, and easily actionable “Operating " businesses that will quickly level-up your processes, people and product marketing and sales. This deceptively simple program can (and has) doubled the sales and net income for companies from Startup to $100 Million.

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Focused Intensives.

For many successful business owners and executive leaders, a focused, structured day to unpack current challenges and trajectory can unlock significant opportunities for growth and bottom-line improvement. Available in 1/2 day and full-day sessions, your engagement begins with an intense intake (SWOT Style) that will frame the current situation. We’ll meet, either individually or with your team, and then after our time together, my team and I will assemble a detailed report with a summary of our recommendations, connections, introductions and actionable next steps. For many, this single day produces the same value as a month of traditional “Coaching” or advisory.

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Karl Krummenacher
Karl Krummenacher

Retained Advisory.

If you want to change the trajectory of your business, and need help getting your employees and other stakeholders aligned around a single idea, leveled-up and accountable, this program may be the support you need. The program begins with a full-day intensive, and then continues in 12-week sprints to drive results and outcomes aligned with your most important goals. [This is a limited offering. Not all businesses quality.]

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