Happy. Get Lucky. Pharrell + Daft Punk.

Sometimes you see something you just have to share.  This is one of those times.

I’m a long-time fan of Pomplamoose.  The musical duo of Natalie Dawn and Jack Conte.  With nearly 400,000 subscribers to their youtube channel, they’ve demonstrated that it’s not the tools, but the artists that make the art.  Their style of infectious, multi-track mashups are incredibly creative, always fun, and for me something of an addiction.

Of course Natalie and Jack use tools.  But they work all of their magic as a small duo, without a team of directors, producers, editors, photographers. domain name information .  They experiment, play and iterate with their art.  You can see the evolution of their art over time on their YouTube Channel.  Check it out.  It’s inspiring.

In the clip below, they’ve seamlessly blended Pharrell’s Happy with Daft Punk’s Get Lucky, while throwing in a little Lose Yourself to Dance for good measure.  I dare you to watch it and then try to get their infectious hooks out of your head the rest of the day.

Next time you’re working on a project and feel like you can’t get anything done because you lack the budget, team or other resources, tune in to Pomplamoose and watch a video or two. Then, get to work on creating your own mashup.